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Computers, Laptops & Tablets for Schools, Colleges & Universities

ICT is now a staple component in our education system and is embedded in every area of the curriculum. Yet budgets are tight and schools, colleges and universities have many other priorities: pay, pensions, renovations and much much more.

So what's the best way to procure affordable computers for schools?

We believe refurbished hardware is the answer that many education establishments have been looking for, alongside a fast and efficient spares and repairs service.

Please read these case studies to find out how we have already saved many schools thousands of pounds. Bedwas High School, Ernest Bevin School - South LondonBirkenhead 6th Form College - The Wirrall and Carmel College - Merseyside

We supply spare computer parts and a repair service as well as refurbished servers, laptops and computers for schools, colleges and universities. We understand the challenges faced by education establishments: you need a hassle free service, you are looking for a trusted and long standing supplier who won't leave you high and dry - and you need a company who understands that learning is at the very heart of what you do, and it cannot be interrupted. You are also looking for great deals - so why not take a look at our computer offers today?

Computer services for schools, FE and HE

Refurbished computers
We sell the highest quality refurbished computers, laptops and servers. You'll pay up to 80% less than buying new and receive a one year warranty.

Find out about our refurbished computer systems.

Computer parts
We can supply over 20,000 spare computer parts so you can fix your hardware on-site.

Find out about our computer parts availability.

Computer repairs
We offer a fast repairs service from just £50, minimising the need for new machines.

Find out about our repairs service.

Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft

During the many years we have been in business we have gained an in-depth knowledge of top brand names such as Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft. If we do not stock exactly what you are looking for we will invariably be able to find an alternative component or system for you that solves your problem.

Our facilities

We have a 4,000ft² facility dedicated to testing, stocking and supplying a variety of spare parts for Dell, Lenovo, HP and other top brands. As well as parts, we hold an extensive range of laptops, desktops, servers, monitors and accessories ready for immediate despatch. The sales team also has access to an extensive network of suppliers to fulfil requirements beyond our stocked items and we are also a Microsoft registered refurbisher.

Fast despatch and easy payment

You'll find us to be a very responsive team. We are able to despatch to anywhere in the UK right up to 6pm each day. Timed delivery options include pre-9.30am, pre-12am and pre-3pm. We can also organise same-day deliveries.

It's easy to pay too. Accounts can be set up immediately if an official purchase order is provided. Payment can also be made by credit card.

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