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About our Warranties & Quality

Quality is important to you. You rely on IT for business continuity and to carry out the everyday tasks you're working on. If you work for a channel organisation you also need to make sure your customers are receiving only the very best, so you need to partner with vendors you can rely on. And if you're a home user there's nothing worse than a faulty laptop or computer and not knowing where to turn.

Our systems and laptops all come with a one year warranty, and sometimes a three year warranty, so you'll be protected against fails and get peace of mind.

Our warranties are all 'return to base' and once with us, we'll give your hardware a good once over and if possible repair it within its warranty period.

We understand the frustrations that go hand-in-hand with IT equipment that doesn't make the grade, so we make sure our hardware systems, repairs and spares are of the very highest quality. We want to make sure our customers are happy and we achieve that by delivering only the very best.

The Q20 promise - quality assurance

We've made our Q20 Promise checklist available for our customers, so you can see the extensive checks we put any refurbished system through. All refurbished systems are completely checked to ensure you are buying the highest quality equipment – and we back this up with a one year warranty as minimum – proving our confidence in the IT systems we sell.

OUR Q20 PROMISE – Refurbished System 20 point Check List:

  1. Motherboard: Diagnostic tests include DNA controller, system timer, interrupt controller, floating point and the PCI bus
  2. CPU (Processor): Cache test involving pattern, walking, read and write
  3. Memory (RAM, DIMM): Tests module seating and inversion tree
  4. Hard Disk Drive (HDD): Confidence test, device quick check, read test, seek test, S.M.A.R.T. test and verify test
  5. Optical Disk Drive (ODD): Confidence test, device quick check, read test, seek test, built in self-test (controller test, flash test, spindle test) and eject function test
  6. Portable Appliance Tested (PAT)
  7. New thermal compound applied to CPU
  8. New CMOS battery installed
  9. Motherboard ports visually checked
  10. BIOS Passwords cleared, jumper reset, reset to default settings and BIOS updated
  11. Owner/Asset tags checked and cleared
  12. System Event Log checked and cleared
  13. System Fans checked/replaced
  14. CPU Fan checked/replaced
  15. Case plastics, feet, badges, latches and side panels checked/replaced
  16. Rear PCI slot covers checked/replaced
  17. Front Plastic filler panels checked/replaced
  18. Front I/O ports visually checked
  19. Hard Disk Drive data wiped and tested
  20. Cleaned inside and outside

Our Team

We're Investors in People and we're proud of our highly skilled team. Together we offer a high quality service and we won't let you down. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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