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Refurbished Apple Product Guide


When considering buying a new computer, laptop or tablet, there are a lot of different options out there, with refurbished becoming ever more popular.

With Apple products, they are well known for being at a higher price point than other brands such as Dell and HP, which makes purchasing one a big decision. However, they are still some of the most popular computers and laptops out there, due to the advanced technology used in them and their extremely stylish look.

If you are set on purchasing an Apple product, then looking into a refurbished model could be the way forward, with prices being up to 40% cheaper.

Using our expertise, we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand and make the right decision for you when purchasing a refurbished Apple product.

What does Apple refurbished mean?

Apple refurbished means that the product you are looking at, which could be an iMac, MacBook or iPad for example, is a used product which is being resold on.

The main difference between purchasing second hand and refurbished is that the refurbished hardware itself is fully checked and tested by experts, as well as upgraded and updated if necessary.

Typically, a lot of refurbished hardware has never actually been used and can actually be brand new. Here are some of the main reasons that Apple products are classified as refurbished:

What guarantee does Apple refurbished have?

It depends on which company you choose as to how long a guarantee you get on your chosen Apple product. Here at Hardware Associates, we provide a minimum of a one year guarantee on all refurbished Apple Hardware.

This gives you peace of mind that if you do have any issues with what you have purchased, we will happily take a look at it and fix any problems you may be having.

As all of our tech is checked in accordance with our Q20 promise, which includes diagnostic software checks, cosmetic and physical check and BIOS checks, you are less likely to find any issues with your refurbished hardware and you will find it running all of the latest software.

How long does Apple refurbished hardware last

If the hardware itself has been refurbished to high quality standards, then you can expect your computer, laptop of tablet to last nearly as long as a brand new laptop, which is around two or three years, however they tend to last much longer than this.

Apple products are well known for being extremely long lasting and this is one of their main attractions. This is because they are built with high quality parts that are strong and durable. They are also well known for rarely getting viruses, due to their extremely secure operating system and software.

If you look after your refurbished Apple product then you can easily ensure its long lifespan. This includes adding an anti-virus software, regular cleaning and being careful when moving your hardware around. You can discover more top tips on how to improve its lifespan here.

Is it worth buying refurbished Apple products?

Buying a refurbished Apple product is a great way to get the latest technology for far less than purchasing new. For example, you can expect to save around £500 when purchasing an iMac versus purchasing new at Hardware Associates.

These Apple products are all loaded with the latest updates, software and upgraded to improve speed and functionality, meaning you can actually end up with a way better specification computer than if you bought it brand new.

As mentioned before, Apple products are extremely long lasting, so you can expect a long lifespan from your refurbished tech, as long as it is looked after.here.

Refurbished tech is also an extremely green and environmentally friendly way to purchase your next computer. This is because you are reusing and recycling components and core minerals that have already been used, rather than stretching resources that are in very short supply.

What are the cheapest Apple products on the market?

Apple products aren’t known for being ‘cheap’ and are more known for being a premium product. There are a few options out there that are for those with a lower budget but want the same quality service from Apple, the main one being the MacBook Air. This is the budget friendly version of the MacBook Pro, which comes with the majority of the same benefits, but has slightly less features.

It is worth remembering that when buying refurbished, you are more likely to be able to afford Apple’s slightly more expensive options through the savings you make from buying the refurbished option.

Bulk buying Apple refurbished products

If you work in a particular sector and are looking to bulk buy a selection of Apple products, we are able to offer excellent discounts.

We have worked with a range of different businesses in a variety of sectors to help them save money and benefit from excellent technology. We have worked with some of the following sectors:

Our expert team will be able to work directly with you and suggest the best Apple products to suit your needs, whether that be iPads, MacBooks or iMacs.

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