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Refurbished Computers & Laptops

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable Apple Mac Pro, for Dell desktops and laptops, refurbished HP Workstations, Lenovo Thinkpads and ThinkCenters or simply spare parts we’re just a phone call or an email away.

At Hardware Associates we’re passionate about helping people get the best IT for their infrastructure while making savings for their business, large or small. We provide refurbished equipment to large companies as well as the sole traders with a need to keep on top with their technology.

No company can afford the risk of old software and systems that are left vulnerable to cyber-attacks because the updates just aren’t available for it anymore. No one wants a slow system that makes you and your team less productive. New IT infrastructures are a necessity for everyone, but every saving is crucial too.

With some IT experts now recommending businesses take up a two yearly replacement policy on IT to increase efficiencies it makes sense to look at the refurbished route rather than brand new. You may not think a two-yearly replacement is attainable or required for your business, which is why we also offer a great repairs service. Combine this with some affordable upgrades with some spare parts, and you will feel like you have a new computer!

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We aim to turn repairs around within five working days. Book your hardware repairs today.


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With over 20,000 spare computer parts, we'll find the spare you need.


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Find everything you need to go with your new systems.

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