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Refurbished HP

  • HP Elite 8000 Tower PC, C2D 3.0GHz, 4Gb, 250Gb.

    HP Elite 8000 Tower PC C2D 3.0GHz 4Gb 250Gb.

    Now: £79.00 ex vat


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  • HP Elite 8200 SFF PC, i5 2400 3.1GHz, 4GB, 500GB

    HP Elite 8200 SFF PC i5 2400 3.1GHz 4GB 500GB

    From: £139.00 ex vat


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  • HP DC7800 Small Form Unit. Core2-2.93GHz, 2Gb, 160Gb, DVD-RW

    HP DC7800 Small Form Unit. Core2-2.93GHz 2Gb 160Gb DVD-RW

    Now: £79.00 ex vat


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  • HP DC7700 Small Form PC. C2D 1.86GHz, 2Gb, 80Gb.

    HP DC7700 Small Form PC. C2D 1.86GHz 2Gb 80Gb.

    From: £39.00 ex vat


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  • HP XW4600 Workstation. Core2-2.93GHz, 4Gb, 160Gb, DVD-RW.

    HP XW4600 Workstation. Core2-2.93GHz 4Gb 160Gb DVD-RW.

    Now: £60.00 ex vat


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  • HP XW4600 Workstation. Core2-3.0GHz, 4Gb, 250Gb, DVD-RW.

    HP XW4600 Workstation. Core2-3.0GHz 4Gb 250Gb DVD-RW.

    Now: £60.00 ex vat


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