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Why You Should Buy Refurbished Computers

William Champness - Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Buying repaired or refurbished computers can be a hugely beneficial experience that offers a fantastic return on investment and access to state of the art technology.

Whether you’re a company looking to upgrade, or an individual who wishes they had a personal desktop or laptop that worked faster with increased functionality, there are many reasons to choose refurbished machines.

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of buying refurbished computers:

The quality can be better than buying new

As you are buying a second-hand machine, you can generally afford a higher spec on attributes such as memory, screen quality and processor speed. This is because there can be a quick turnover from a brand new model’s release date to refurbished versions being on the market; sometimes in as little as 3 months. Instantly you’re getting a top machine without the ‘brand new’ price tag.

It may only have been a small fix

You can find out the issue with the machine you’re buying and how it was fixed, providing you with peace of mind. Reasons can be as small as fixing a piece of hardware, such as the keys or touchpad. Such fixes don’t leave any noticeable marks and make the desktop or laptops appear as good as new, matching their ability to work as good as new.

When you consider this, the money saved and the increased value of the model, it is imperative to choose refurbished computers; you could save hundreds of pounds on a top brand, such as Apple, for a superficial issue that is already fixed.

They are protected by a warranty

Should larger fixes and repairs have been undertaken and the status of your model is ‘fully refurbished’, then you can receive a full one year warranty from Hardware Associates for complete peace of mind. It is a guarantee that should any issue occur in that timeframe, you’re fully protected for your purchase.

It’s easy to transfer data

Whilst this is true of new and second-hand computers, it’s worth taking into account that it’s no more difficult and just as secure to transfer your current data to a refurbished computer. This can be done by downloading data onto an external hard drive or via the cloud and transferring to your new computer after point of purchase.

If you have certain programmes and approved software, for example, if you work in a school and are buying refurbished computers for a lab, advisors can help with installation; however, this should easily fall into the remit and skill of an IT department with admin access to software and machines. For more information on our computer services for schools, please click here.

You can save money with your old computer

You can save even more money if you opt to benefit from our asset management service; our experts can review your current computers and buy them, reducing the costs to pay for your new purchase. This is a very popular service and useful for businesses and schools working to a tight budget. To stay up to date with technology, it’s good to replace computers once every 2 years, meaning your old machines will still have monetary value you can utilise.

They help the environment

One of the top reasons repaired computers have increased in popularity in recent years is that they are known as a ‘green option’. This can help improve and compliment a company’s brand image; the public are increasingly choosing brands who have ethical and responsible processes in place.

If you have any questions about any of the refurbished computers on site, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re able to provide models based on your needs, whether you need computers for a complete department refit, or are simply investing in a new personal desktop.


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