I was reading this recent opinion piece in The Guardian and it has set me pondering. I am not going to go into the ins and outs of Brexit or the political debates that make it up, but rather think about how we try and bridge the gap until things are a little more stable.

Let’s put this in context, us lot here at Hardware Associates are a small local business. Myself and Bill are active in our local communities and have our own families at home to support, so we understand the pressures of making a business work in the ever changing world we find ourselves in.

This is why we get so passionate about convincing people that they can make savings on the infrastructure of their business, large or small. We provide refurbished equipment to large companies as well as the sole traders with a need to keep on top with their technology. No company can afford the risk of old software and systems that are left vulnerable to cyber attacks because the updates just aren’t available for it anymore. No one wants a slow system that makes you and your team less productive. New IT infrastructures are a necessity for everyone, despite what is going on economically or politically in the post-Brexit society. Every saving is crucial to make it over this blip.

Did you know that some IT experts have started suggesting a two yearly replacement is more efficient for businesses? That makes it even more sensible to go the refurbished route rather than brand new. You may not think a two-yearly replacement is attainable or required for your business, which is why we offer a great repairs service. Combine this with some affordable upgrades with some spare parts, and you practically will feel like you have a new computer!

You may not know what you require, and our customer service team is here to help. Just give them a call and bombard them with questions. They are more than happy to help. That’s why coming to a local company is different. We like to offer that friendly service, and won’t pressure you into a brand new computer if we think we can help save you and your business money, because we have to stick together in these new uncertain times.