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Warranty guide for refurbished computers

William Champness - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When you decide to buy refurbished computers, you are making a great choice to save money on devices with a fantastic return on investment. It’s even likely that you will be benefiting from an upgrade that’s a higher spec that you could afford brand new.

Our Q20 Promise

With over 20 years of experience, we understand that having a warranty on your refurbished IT system is vital, which is why we offer a completely transparent service with our Q20 promise. All our fully refurbished (good as new) systems and laptops come with either a one year or three year warranty to give you peace of mind and confidence in the quality of IT systems we supply.

With that in mind, here is our warranty guide to refurbished computers to help you understand the protection available:

Always read the full scope of the warranty

Once you’ve found the right PC or laptop, you don’t want to make assumptions on what’s covered in the warranty. It’s important for you to read the warranty in full and ask any questions you have so that if an issue occurs, you know the best way for it to be resolved within the terms agreed.

Understand what’s covered before you buy

Is there anything that you could do that would void the warranty? Most warranties will protect you against damage and faults to hardware - such as keyboards - that were not caused by the owner and will cover the cost of parts and repairs.

However, it’s essential to understand if you can void the warranty by, for example, opening up the casing and removing or adding internal components. You don’t want to have changed the device to the point where it’s no longer covered, as it could leave you with an unwanted bill for repairs.

Choose trusted sellers with clear warranty guidelines

Even though refurbished IT equipment provides cost savings, it can still be an investment depending on your budget, so you want to choose a trusted seller with a quality reputation. You also want quick access to details of the warranty, rather than having it go unmentioned or pushed to the sidelines.

Can you buy refurbished without a warranty?

It is not recommended to buy a fully refurbished PC or laptop without a warranty, just as you would always want a warranty when buying new to keep you protected. However, if a laptop isn’t ‘fully refurbished’ and has had a minor fix, it can be worth purchasing it without a standard warranty for the cost savings you’ll receive on your upgraded IT system - as long as you’re buying from a professional and trusted seller.

In this instance, it’s likely the PC or laptop will be covered by a 90-day limited warranty.

Get in touch

At Hardware Associates, we rigorously quality check our refurbished IT, meaning you’re guaranteed a fast, reliable machine.

For more benefits of buying refurbished computers, read our blog post here and call 01428 707900 if you have any questions about our services. We’re here to help!

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