Upgrading technology and computers is hugely beneficial to charities, but may not be a task that is top of the list or even possible for a lot of charities in the UK due to tight budgets. As well as having to pay out for new IT equipment, there's also the aspect of securely transferring all data over, data wiping, and ensuring staff and volunteers understand how to use their new hardware, which may be a daunting idea.

However, there are many benefits to your charity when upgrading your technology, and these far outweigh any other factors you may be worrying about. With cost being a major factor for most charities, looking into other options such as refurbished computers can be a great way to update your office equipment without breaking the bank.

Hardware Associates is proud to work closely with charities across the UK, including the NSPCC, to help upgrade their laptops, desktops and other hardware to ensure they're able to utilise and benefit from excellent systems. Discover some of the main benefits of upgrading your charity’s tech below and get in touch today if you'd like to find out more about how we can help your registered charity.

Increased security

Cyber security is a hot topic across all sectors, including charitable organisations, and ensuring your computers and other hardware are up to date is extremely important for online security. Older software such as Windows 7 is no longer being updated by Microsoft (since January 2020), so may start to have security issues which can leave your data and work vulnerable to hackers.

Upgrading your hardware to more up-to-date systems will ensure that your charity's computer data is protected. The latest systems such as Windows 10 are constantly being updated, making you IT equipment far less vulnerable to any security threats.

Security threats aren't just an issue with losing data, they can also be very costly to fix and can leave your charity with a big bill at the end of it.

Better productivity

More up-to-date computers tend to have a better hard drive and faster processors, meaning work is able to be completed far more effectively. If the team at your charity is struggling to complete simple tasks, finding their computer or laptop is extremely slow, or even that it turns off midway through tasks, this can be extremely unproductive.

We understand how important a charity's work is, so being as productive as possible is imperative to securing more funding and donations. Our range of refurbished computers, laptops and other hardware is always running the most up to date software and can even have upgraded processors and other parts to ensure excellent performance.

Improved staff morale

Using a computer that doesn't work properly or doesn't perform as well as it should can be extremely frustrating, especially when you're doing important work to support your charity. It can lead to individuals feeling demotivated and unhappy with their work, as they can't get as much done as they'd like.

Computers for charities - a PC or laptop - that are able to run the latest IT software, such as Microsoft Windows 10, and perform optimally will ensure your team are happy in their role and can work hard to support your cause effectively.

Greater efficiency

With older computers comes a lot of downtime and this can cause inefficiencies throughout your registered charity. Investing in computers and other IT equipment will help support your team in their mission to increase donations and raise awareness of your cause.

Newer desktop computers and laptops also come with a range of features and functions that can help to improve efficiency further, improving communication and reducing timeframes.

Reduced costs

If you're using older IT equipment and hardware, then you can expect to find lots of issues over time that need fixing or you need IT support to look into. This can be very costly especially if you're finding that computer equipment needs to have regular fixes.

Look into the costs of replacing your outdated computer equipment and get IT advice from a dedicated hardware company that can help you understand the best option for your charity. New and refurbished computers tend to come with a warranty, so this can give your charity peace of mind that if you have any issues, they will be fixed.

Discover our refurbished hardware solutions for charities

Our work with charities across the UK has allowed us to provide organisations with PCs and equipment that allow them to work effectively in their missions to raise awareness for their worthy cause.

Refurbished equipment is an excellent option for charities, as they provide you with the right tools at a cost effective rate. When buying refurbished computers, you can look to save up to 50% of the cost versus buying new, which can make a huge difference to any registered charity.

Our refurbished PCs, desktop equipment and laptops are not only budget friendly, they’re also great for the environment.

We're able to offer charities:

  • Supply and delivery of refurbished tech
  • Ongoing support
  • Resell scheme where all profits are donated back to the charity

Our team is dedicated to supplying high quality computers for charities. Get in touch today on 01428 707900 to find out how we can help your charity with its hardware and computer equipment.