For many businesses and schools, Apple desktops can seem out of reach of a normal budget. With most retailing at over £600, it’s difficult to justify spending that sort of money on one piece of tech, when you could buy a few PCs for the same cost.

However, Apple iMacs can provide users with an experience that’s unlike that of a PC, with design, security, O/S and software elements that have elevated Apple’s popularity. And for some businesses such as web and graphic design, an iMac is a pretty essential piece of kit.

If you’re seriously considering Apple for home, education or professional use, we suggest looking around for a good refurbished product. You might have some reservations about buying an Apple refurb vs. purchasing a brand new model, so here are the top five reasons why choosing a refurbished product will benefit you (and your budget).

1.Price points

Refurbished Apple hardware can cost 1/3rd less than ‘bought as new’ equivalents. On the Apple store a decent iMac can set you back around £800. In comparison our refurbished Apple iMacs start from just £249.

2. Refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean old or second-hand…

Some refurbs have had very little handling; their boxes may not have even been opened. Goods that have been sent back to store cannot be sold again as new, so they’re given to refurb sellers. This means you could be getting something brand spanking new, at a fraction of the price.

3. Our Q20 promise

We understand that when you buy technology you want it to look and feel like it’s just come off the production line. To that end all our refurbished hardware goes through a rigorous checklist, known as the Q20 promise. So if you buy something from us, you know it’s been given a thorough clean, test and update.

4. Peace of mind

Some refurbs can come with eye wateringly short (90 days or fewer) warranties, or none at all, so it really pays to read the small print before choosing a provider. All our Apple products come with a six month RTB (return to base) warranty, so you can feel confident that if something goes wrong, we’ll repair or replace it.

5. All the kit…

Select a reputable Apple goods seller and you’ll get everything you need thrown in with the iMac, so you won’t need to go hunting around or lay out extra expense for a compatible mouse, keyboard or power lead. We throw these in along with some great software too including:

  • Mountain Lion 10,8.5 (Will Run Yosemite)
  • iLife
  • Skype
  • Flip4Mac

There’s really no reason not to buy refurbished Apple instead of brand new. It’ll save you, or your organisation lots of money and it won’t seem like you’ve bought a used product. You’ll get something that has a fresh ‘out of the box’ feel – and with our speedy delivery rates you can have it tomorrow.

Call us on 01428 707900 to find out about our latest summer offers. We have:

- Apple 20" iMac C2D 2.40 GHz, 2GB Ram 250GB HDD - starting from £249
- Apple 27" iMac Quad Core i5 3.1 GHz, 8GB Ram, 1TB HDD - at just £849

… and everything in between.