Technology for students is increasingly becoming one of the most important aspects of studying, with most essays and coursework being set and submitted online, and virtual lessons becoming more commonplace.

Whilst the reliance on technology is only increasing, the environmental and financial impacts of this are also growing. In recent years students have become more and more conscious about their impact on the planet, and refurbished technology is an excellent solution for those looking for affordable laptops that are environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re starting University, need to get your school homework done efficiently or want to complete coursework for your sixth form course, a reliable laptop will ensure you can successfully complete your studies effectively.

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What are the environmental impacts of technology?

Harmful substances and a drain on resources

  • Mining core materials
  • Manufacturing byproducts
  • Short supply of cobalt

The constant manufacturing of new computers, laptops and tablets is incredibly damaging for the environment and ultimately the planet. When a new computer is made, core minerals need to be mined to make up the computer's components, this mining uses a lot of energy that puts harmful chemicals and substances into the environment.

Not only does the mining of the minerals cause negative environmental impacts, the shipping and aviation of these parts are another way that harmful substances are pumped into the atmosphere. These parts can be transported all over the world to meet their final destination, so can cause serious harm to the environment.

Once the parts have reached their destination, the actual manufacturing of the products also causes harmful substances and gases to be released into the environment. With so many new computers being made everyday, the amount of harmful chemicals being put into the environment is huge.

With some of these parts now in short supply - cobalt which is used in lithium batteries is estimated to only have a 40 year supply left - constantly manufacturing computers that will only be used for a few years is counter productive.

Wasteful lifespans

Technology doesn’t tend to have a very long lifespan, with most people updating their computers every 3-4 years when the latest model comes out, even though their previous model may have been completely functional.

This leads to a lot of landfill waste which is extremely bad for the environment, as some of the parts of laptops and computers can be toxic and can pollute the environment around them when in landfill.

What are the environmental benefits of refurbished laptops?

  • Reduce the demand on core materials
  • Reduce waste going to landfills

When it comes to refurbished laptops, there is no manufacturing process or mining for new parts, significantly reducing the impact of technology on the environment and making the refurbishment process as green as possible.

We also sell on any good spare parts that cannot be used in our refurbished hardware. This ensures maximum usage of all parts and minimises waste.

Even our packaging is recycled - we reuse any cardboard boxes and packaging to reduce our waste and carbon footprint even more.

What are the financial benefits of refurbished laptops?

With so many environmental benefits to refurbished laptops, you can see why they are becoming an increasingly popular option for students. As well as this, refurbished laptops cost significantly less than buying a brand new one - up to 50% less!

As students tend to be on tight budgets, purchasing refurbished laptops will help you save your cash and focus on studying, rather than worrying about budgeting. You will also tend to get far better specifications than if you were buying a new one, as they are upgraded and updated as much as possible. This gives you far better value for money, as well as better functionality, productivity and even lifespan.

Refurbished laptops can be used in the same way as buying new, so shop in confidence if you need a model for:

  • Researching and writing
  • Memory intensive software
  • Video streaming
  • Video calls
  • Graphic design
  • Photo editing
  • And much more

Refurbished laptops for students

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