In a few weeks, your school or college will be closing for the summer break. Many educational establishments take advantage of the summer months to install lots of new hardware and carry out expensive IT suite overhauls. But does this really make sense? Let’s take a look at the facts:

Purchasing spare computer parts

Instead of purchasing expensive brand new IT equipment, it makes more sense to replace the parts that have become faulty. For example, you can replace the following parts at relatively low cost:

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Hard drive
  • Video card
  • Processor
  • Monitor

Hardware Associates constantly work with schools, colleges and universities, supplying spare computer parts. Over time we have built up a good understanding of what is important to you when purchasing parts. This means we are able to understand your challenges and help you solve them quickly with a fast, efficient and accurate service.

With over 20,000 spare computer parts in stock including Dell, Lenovo and HP, we’re almost certain to have the hardware spare you need. And if the part is not available in our warehouse, we’ll do our best to source it for you from somewhere else.

We only stock and ship the highest quality hardware spares for education so you can rest assured that when you receive your spare computer part it will work as if new. What’s more, our pricing is fair - we offer excellent value for money.

The actual process of searching for parts is simplicity itself. With our easy-to-use search engine you can find your part by description or product code. And if you have a tricky query we’ll ask you to call us instead of purchasing online. This means we ensure you get the right spare part every time, helping you to avoid delays and hopefully enjoy some of the holidays!

Investing in refurbished hardware

Purchasing spare parts can keep IT costs low, but there are situations when it is more sensible to invest in refurbished hardware instead. Refurbished hardware costs up to 80% less than new hardware, which makes it possible for an educational establishment to buy many more high quality computers for less. Schools and colleges may also choose to buy refurbished equipment to maintain standards by ensuring that all students have access to the same equipment, even when the model being used is no longer sold. The likelihood is that we’ll have the PC or laptop you need in our vast warehouse.

There are other reasons for choosing refurbished hardware. For example, a school or college may have a plan to use desktop computers for three years before upgrading to newer models. In the latter part of the three year period, equipment purchases may be needed to replace hardware that no longer functions. Since the establishment intends to replace all desktop computers in the near future, the purchasing department may not want to pay full price for new equipment. Refurbished computers provide a cost-effective stop-gap alternative to this challenge.

Hardware Associates sell a wide range of refurbished computers starting from £59. We’re a company you can trust, we’ve been in business for decades, and we’re Investors in People.

Now take a look at our offers for education.

School’s almost at an end, but before you go off to spend time having fun in the sun for a week or two (if the UK weather behaves itself!) have a think about what next term is going to bring.

Are you feeling confident that the tech your school has will be enough for rising numbers of pupils (expected to grow by 7% in the next 4 years) and that your old hardware will survive to fight on for yet another year?

We understand that school tech budgets are getting ever tighter and that your provisions for new IT equipment could be pretty small right now. For this reason, we suggest that for 2015/2016 you consider trying out some refurbished hardware.

Why choose refurbished hardware for my school?

The Number 1 reason: It's cheap, but not 'cheap' 

Refurbished computers that are ideal for schools and educational establishments can have as much as 80% off the ‘bought as new’ price. But that doesn’t mean your students are getting a ‘cheap’ computer. With reliable manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple all selling refurbs in excellent condition, you can be sure of a quality machine whilst taking advantage of a budget-friendly price.

In fact, our refurbished computers start from just £49… that’s a huge saving compared with a new equivalent. But there are other reasons why choosing a refurbished machine (from us) is a good idea:

Refurbished doesn’t mean ‘used’

Don’t avoid refurbished computers because you think they’ve already been used. In many cases, refurbished PCs and laptops have had minimal use, sometimes they’re actually brand new, just sent back to the warehouse.

Be reassured

With our Q20 promise we check, inspect, test and fix all the refurbs that come into our facilities, so they’re in ‘A’ grade condition. All our refurbished computers come with a free one year warranty and we also provide easy and quick customer support should you need any help with the machines once they arrive. We are a Microsoft registered refurbisher and a Dell Registered partner, so we’re well experienced with this type of tech.

Get what you want

Maybe you’ve desperately wanted a particular model or type of computer (say an Apple iMac) that’s simply been out of the price range for your school. With refurbed iMacs from under £800, you could perhaps now afford to get a couple for your students to use.

Purchase everything

Refurb deals can involve throwing in everything you need to get started, including monitors, cables, mice and keyboards – at a fraction of the price of buying everything new. So, if your school computer peripherals and monitors are on their last legs you can purchase complete computer kits to get things running again. We’ll also add Windows 7 Professional Pro to any refurb if you require this for lessons and study.

Spares and repairs

We stock all kinds of spares and upgrades for refurbished machines, so if you enjoy getting under the hood of your machines and fixing things yourself, chances are we’ll have the spare you need, regardless of whether it’s an older model. Alternatively, if you need help to find out what the problem is after the warranty has expired, we offer free advice and a quick turnaround repair service. With a refurb model from us you can be assured that it’ll run for years to come.

Speedy service 

If you need computers for the start of next term, chances are you’ll need them ASAP. We understand this and offer you peace of mind with next day and, when it’s really urgent, same day delivery, on all our hardware. You could have a new suite of PCs ready in a matter of days, just in time for rollout over the summer break.

For cash-strapped classrooms and IT areas, going refurbished offers great bargains on trustworthy computer brands. And with our unique package of products and services, you’ll get so much more than just a shiny new machine.

Take advantage of our deals today, check out our refurbished computers and systems to see what we’ve got in stock. Alternatively, call 01428 707900 for Apple offers.