When schools close for the summer holidays, it’s the perfect time to do some essential IT upgrades, ready for when students return in September. This is particularly important as one of the most essential components for student learning is technology.

The majority of coursework, assignments and learning tools are now available online so computers and improving the computer skills of students is a cornerstone of success. Using our expert knowledge, we have put together this helpful guide on why upgrading school IT over the summer is important and how we can help with our refurbished solutions.

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Why upgrade during summer?

Newer, more up-to-date tech will aid learning and ensure students gain the necessary skills they need for when they leave school. Not only will better computers develop their skills further, it will also make any work far more efficient and easy to do.

If your school is considering upgrading your computers, here’s our top reasons why you should choose the summer holidays:

Minimal disruption to students

Depending on how many computers your school is looking to install, the process of sourcing the right tech, delivery and setup can be lengthy. There may need to be new cables installed and equipment moved around to ensure everything is working as it should, as well as ensuring the software and accessories are fit for purpose.

If this is done during term time, then these IT suites or rooms can be out of action, so students aren’t able to access certain computers to help with their studies. As well as this, whilst the process of installing new computers themselves isn’t that disruptive, it can be distracting to students.

The school is empty

With no students and minimal staff at the school during this time, the IT installation team don’t need to worry about getting in the way or trying to carry heavy equipment around hallways full of people. This can make the installation process far quicker and more efficient.

Better timeframe

If the upgrade is completed during the holidays, there is a good length of time where the students aren’t there, meaning if there are any issues and the installation takes longer than it should, it doesn’t impact any classes or learning that’s going on during this time.

It also gives the school time to test the equipment and ensure that everything is how you like it, rather than discovering issues whilst students are using them. It can also help to have the new school term starting as a definite deadline, meaning you can organise the process around this date.

Benefits of refurbished technology for schools

Refurbished computers are an excellent option for schools as they can really help to improve your technology offering without breaking your budget.

Here are the main benefits of choosing refurbished to schools:

Why choose Hardware Associates

With over 20 years in the refurbished computer industry, we are perfectly placed to help your school update your current IT suites and improve your facilities for students. Some of the top ways we help schools are:

Trade in outdated tech

We’re proud to offer a trade in scheme, where we can take any outdated IT suites and technology off your hands and give you cash for it. This money can then be used to improve your learning facilities for the students.

This is a great way to not only get rid of outdated tech quickly and easily, it can also be an excellent way to get a bit of extra money for the school that can be reinvested into different areas.

Finance solutions

We are proud to now offer finance solutions for schools to help with budgets. If your school can’t afford a one off payment for updated IT, then our finance solutions will make it possible for you to get the tech you need to help with learning.

Find out more about our financing options here.

Close relationships with schools across the UK

We have worked with many schools across the UK to update their IT suites with refurbished technology and save them a lot of money.

Discover some of our latest case studies below:

Update your schools IT suites

If you’d like to find out more about updating your schools IT facilities, whether it be during the school holidays or during term time, then get in touch with our team today. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you and give you a free quote for updating your IT.