In our modern society it has never been more essential for educational facilities to have the best quality technology to help students learn and study, and to prepare the younger generation for work. Although schools of all levels agree on the importance of quality computing for a rounded and relevant education, the fact is that budgets often make brilliant computer facilities seem out of reach.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case and at Hardware Associates we are perfectly placed to help you and your school. There are a number of refurbished computers that provide everything that schools could possibly need, without the inflated costs of buying brand new.

We stock a wide range of refurbished grade A computers that offer optimised performance, and in addition to sourcing your new IT suite, we can also purchase and remove your old technology with the view of recycling it, bringing your total costs down.

What are refurbished Grade A listed computers?

Refurbished IT is graded to reflect its quality from A (the highest quality) to C (lower levels of quality). At Hardware Associates we only stock either Grade A or Grade B computers. To understand this more, refurbished means that a device has been previously owned, but has been restored to a good-as-new working condition.

Grade A refurbished computers are in excellent to very good condition and can be considered to be like new. They may feature minor cosmetic marks or light scratches, or shiny areas from use on the keyboard or mouse/trackpad, but no issues in performance.

By opting for grade A for your school, you are ensuring that the refurbished hardware you receive will be of the best possible quality and suitable to invest in for a number of years. This is the type of equipment that will allow students to work efficiently with the resources they require.

Why are refurbished computers ideal for schools?

Tailored to your teaching requirements

Whether you are in primary education or specialised university education, there may well be certain qualities that you favour in your hardware.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met, including helping you to achieve the following:

By choosing refurbished computers, you can shape your hardware to suit your educational needs - whether that be operating software, storage capabilities or RAM.

The best for your budget

Refurbished, grade A listed computers from Hardware Associates guarantee the best quality for your money, making them the obvious choice for schools. With education budgets stretched, refurbished tech offers an opportunity to save money whilst providing schools with the resources they need. Hardware Associates are here to help you save money on top quality hardware, meaning you don’t have to choose between quality and cost.

We have previously worked with a range of schools across the UK to help them with their IT needs. This includes The Inspiration Trust, where we were able to give them a huge saving of 40% across 14 academies' computers (that’s £50,000!) by opting for refurbished models over their brand new counterparts.

Good for the environment

It has never been more essential for schools to have a plan in place to encourage environmentally friendly action among students and choosing refurbished technology is a great example of how we can lower our impact on the environment.

As refurbished computers are already manufactured, they don’t require further mining of essential materials such as cobalt, reducing the already high demands on these natural resources. In particular, cobalt which is used in the production of Lithium batteries is a finite resource, estimated to only have a 40-year supply left remaining on earth.

Furthermore, refurbishing hardware prevents it ending up in landfill as waste. As the longevity of the core minerals, such as cobalt, is improved through being reused instead, you become part of a cycle that encourages better use of already mined natural resources, whilst reducing the demand for further use of natural resources.

Why choose Hardware Associates?

At Hardware Associates we have spent over 20 years providing the education sector with high quality spares and refurbished hardware, so we understand the unique challenges that you face.

Here are some savings that we have made possible for schools we have worked with:

Hardware Associates appreciate the importance of quality assured service in your purchases, which is why we have a one year minimum warranty on our refurbished IT. These are in place to ensure that you are protected against any potential issues you face. Find out more about our warranties here.

Incredible finance options available

In addition to the cost savings against buying new, Hardware Associates also have a fantastic finance option available for schools, allowing for easier forward planning and budget allocation as well as ensuring these essential purchases are possible.

Our finance option is:

Join our many happy customers across the UK by investing in excellent quality grade A refurbished computers for your education facility.

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