If you’re looking to purchase a refurbished Apple iMac, you may have already considered buying your model brand new from Apple or an Apple reseller, but want to find alternatives to save some money. Whilst you want better value, you don’t want to compromise on quality.

At Hardware Associates, we offer refurbished Apple iMacs that can save you a minimum of £500 or more from buying new, and with our Q20 Promise, 1 year guarantee and grading system, you can buy in confidence.

Perhaps it’s your first time choosing a refurbished model? Here’s our run down of the differences between buying an Apple iMac refurbished vs brand new, as well as a selection of other related resources from our blog.

Comparison of refurbished vs.new Apple iMacs:

Similarities and differences table

Similarities  Differences
Exact same functionality Cosmetic marks and scratches
Free Mac OS updates from Apple Warranty isn’t with Apple
Ideal for home and business use
Free 12 month warranty

Free Mac OS updates from Apple

All functionality for each of the Refurbished Apple models is the same as buying new and you will still benefit from all of Apple’s unique features. Check the specifications to ensure they are right for your usage - or check with our expert team - and you’ll be able to use your refurbished iMac in no time, just as you would if buying new.

Before we sell our Apple iMacs, we check them thoroughly with our 20 step process and ensure all software is up-to-date and running correctly.

As any Apple product, you will still receive ongoing software updates as and when they are released by Apple, so you won’t miss out on any improvements whilst they still support the model.

Ideal for home and business use

As the functionality is exactly the same as buying new, refurbished iMacs are still just as good for home or business use, being fast and reliable computers. You can complete all tasks and communicate across devices as you’d expect, along with the ability to download new apps as required.

Aesthetic marks and scratches

Refurbished Apple iMacs from Hardware Associates are extremely similar to buying brand new from Apple or a reseller, apart from cosmetic marks - (Grade A) or (Grade B) - which are always stated in the description.

Grade A

Excellent or very good condition and can be considered to be like new or similar. May have minor cosmetic marks or light scratches..

Grade B

Marks and scratches may be noticeable to the user, including scratches on the screen. There are signs of previous use but the functionality remains the same as Grade A products,

We take every care to supply the best quality refurbished IT and choose models with as little marks as possible, appreciating that you want your iMac to look as good as new as possible.

12 month warranty

When you buy refurbished, you don’t have the one year warranty with the manufacturer. In place of this, we offer a 12 month warranty with us, during which time we will repair or replace parts or the whole unit for the same model at no extra cost should issues occur.

Whilst we are on hand to help, due to our quality checklist, we are confident that our iMacs will function like new.

Is buying refurbished right for you?

For the majority of people, the answer to this question could easily be yes, unless cosmetic marks and scratches are a deal breaker.

If not, then you’ll also open yourself up to a whole host of benefits in addition to saving money. Buying refurbished means you’re going green and saving the natural resources used to manufacture new computers, of which there is a limited and heavily depleted supply, at the same time as preventing perfectly usable technology to landfill.

As environmental issues become more important for all of us, refurbished IT will become more mainstream as an ethical choice.

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