Hewlett Packard has just introduced a range of new desktop towers for ‘back to school’ use.

Three new desktops have been developed to help students with their schoolwork, but can also be customised for 4K video, as well as having the processing power needed for business tasks, and additional hardware for the serious gamer.

Their popular Pavilion and Envy lines also feature new desktops that cover every need, from the most budget conscious buyer, all the way through to those who desire high spec all-in-one units. The all-in-one systems are designed to appeal to the Apple iMac market with their sleek design and functionality, but at a lower price.

“The desktop PC continues to be an important form factor for customers who want to get things done and be entertained, but lack style. With our 2015 desktop family, we are breathing new life into the category by giving customers more capabilities wrapped in colourful and premium designs.” Kevin Frost, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Personal Systems, HP

For more updates and release dates (June in US, but unconfirmed in UK) on these three new desktops, see our partner’s site:


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