At Hardware Associates we are refurbishment specialists with over 24 years experience in computer restoring and refurbishment. As part of our role in hardware supply, we strongly believe in the environmentally friendly process of refurbishment of laptops and PC’s as opposed to unnecessarily replacing systems and committing existing units to landfill.

In this way, our business is fundamentally linked to recycling and as refurbished IT is the way forward, we will always prioritise repairs and refurbishments to give businesses and users a greener, more sustainable choice when it comes to computing.

As more and more users turn to green computing, we are on hand to discuss your options. Learn more about our process here and get in touch with us on 01428 707900 for more information.

Benefits of green computing

Businesses and individuals are likely to find that they need to upgrade their computers every 3-4 years as technology develops and needs change. When this happens, companies and home users should consider the environmental benefits of both:

In this way the raw materials required to manufacture new computers are saved, and existing hardware is used to its full potential, rather than being thrown away prematurely.

By choosing this route companies benefit three-fold;

To build trust in refurbished computing and to help businesses obtain these benefits, our refurbished computers come with a free one year warranty as standard.

Our environmental principles

Our processes have been developed to help our customers reach their own green objectives and to make green computing accessible to any business or individual.


By refurbishing and repairing computers, we are reducing our reliance on overseas supply chains. Instead of importing new components from Asia and the USA, we instead refurbish PCs and computers from parts collected and tested solely within the UK.

This means greater control over carbon footprints and reduced reliance on unnecessary import supply chains. Reusing more components means manufacturing fewer, which has a positive environmental impact.


At Hardware Associates, we are dedicated to the task of repairing what is already there rather than replacing it unnecessarily for additional cost. Repairs can be just as effective and reliable as replacements in many cases and far more cost effective.

Unfortunately, many systems and components are disposed of when even minor repairs are required. We save these from landfill and recycle them into refurbished and upgraded systems.


Not only are refurbished products recycled, they’re also more cost effective. We also aid recycling efforts in the PC technology sector by buying disused and decommissioned stock from businesses and other organisations. We can then break down systems for components or refurbish systems to upgrade them and make them completely reusable again.

We also use green packaging to keep things environmentally friendly right through our business, from start to finish.

Computing companies we specialise in

The last decade has seen major transformations in the tech and manufacturing industries, which are now working much harder to reduce environmental impact.

As we focus on being environmentally friendly, we also take an active interest in the efforts companies we work with are making.


HP has dedicated considerable innovation into both their business operations and the function of their devices, e.g. in areas such as power consumption, to try and reduce their net carbon footprint. Some notable examples include the HP ProLiant and Blade servers which confer vastly reduced carbon footprints vs. traditional alternatives.

HP computers often comply with Energy Star rating 5 and manufacturing is being prepared for when the specifications for the new Energy Star rating 6 are released. In terms of current manufacturing and design, HP was one of the first major brands to begin to revolutionise their business practices with the 1992 “Design for the Environment” movement and has progressed to bring its environmental impact down full-circle from supplier to customer.

HP has secured numerous awards for its environmental focus and has made it into the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.


Apple has become a world leader in green business and manufacturing. Newly manufactured MacBook Airs and Mac Minis are manufactured using 100% recycled aluminium, following Apple’s general focus to turn to less exploitative raw materials in their design and manufacturing processes. One of Apple’s key recent innovations in green tech has been their transition of factories and warehouses onto renewable energy in pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions across its key manufacturing plants.

Apple’s computers are designed with durability and longevity in mind to reduce the likelihood of consumers replacing products too frequently. Using the power of data science, Apple has heavily researched its various environmental impacts and used findings to make efficiency adjustments that have dramatically reduced waste and energy consumption.


Dell has always placed a significant focus on its sturdy and trustworthy business modelling but has risen to new challenges to transform its supply chain, carefully modifying it to be more attentive to both people and the environment.

Dell also works closely with suppliers to help them assess and transform their environmental impacts instead of simply focussing on internal objectives. Dell computers are amongst the most energy-efficient in the world, from enterprise-grade servers to consumer products.


Hardware Associates are proud to have built our business around green principles and business practices. We firmly believe that refurbished technology is the way forward. Refurbishment allows us to tap into powerful systems for lower prices which have fewer impacts on the environment, right from the supply chain to the end user.

This is the case for both individual users and businesses looking to upgrade their systems. We can provide refurbished systems for all manner of purposes and have worked closely with industries and organisations such as education, science and healthcare facilities.