One of the challenges when upgrading your business computer setup is how best to spend your budget allowance; where to hold back and where to truly invest. With a focus always on productivity and security, here are our top tips on streamlining a computer budget without affecting quality:


Computer speeds and hardware specifications such as RAM and screen quality are always evolving. It’s likely that your IT department will look to upgrade once every 2-3 years to benefit from the latest technology, with the idea to improve performance. But, did you know that you can find the latest Apple and Dell computers in more affordable, refurbished options even three months after they’ve launched?

As these refurbished and repaired models will be tested by experts and sold to the highest quality standards, you can access the best performance for price when you opt for refurbished models. It’s even possible that they may cost 80% less than if bought brand new. At Hardware Associates, we have a strict Q20 Promise ensuring reliable, fully working models are delivered to your business, so you can buy with confidence.


Once you have the updated IT systems and equipment you require, it’s important to ensure you have appropriate cyber security in place to protect it from viruses and attacks. This does require an initial cost (or ongoing if you use a subscription service), however, it will save you money in the long run as your files, sensitive data and hardware will all be protected.

As attacks can also lead to slow running machines, productivity is also protected and any downtime associated with diagnosing and fixing the problem is prevented. If you currently use outdated, slow computers, it’s imperative you create a plan to upgrade them for your own company’s security and also protection from financial losses and reputational damage as a result of a cyber-attack or data theft.


A fantastic way to source funds to boost your budget is through using a reliable asset management service, such as the one we offer at Hardware Associates. This system allows you to recycle your current, outdated computer technology at no charge, with the prospect of receiving cash back for usable parts.

The process - you can read more here - allows your old assets to free up more money and it’s always rewarding to contribute to recycling, stopping old hardware going to waste.

Ultimately, decide on what is important for the productivity of your staff and the growth of your business and plan with this in mind. Once you have your budget allowance and your desired outcome, you can work towards accomplishing the right balance.

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