Becoming more environmentally friendly is something that everyone is increasingly conscious of - with individuals, and organizations attempting to reduce their waste and environmental impact.

For charities choosing environmentally friendly technology the options can often be restricted by budget limitations. Here at Hardware Associates, we are specialists in supplying budget friendly refurbished laptops, tablets and desktop computers to charities across the UK, as well as servers, spares and accessories.

Choose refurbished computers

It has been estimated that each year we generate 40 million tons of electronic waste. This is the equivalent to throwing away 800 laptops every second! One of the best ways that any charitable organisation can reduce their carbon footprint is to choose to buy refurbished computers rather than buying new technology.

Recycling and reusing technology is a great way to reduce your charity’s carbon footprint. Choosing to buy refurbished computers for your organisation ensures removal of outdated, unwanted computer assets whilst helping to recycle computers and their parts. This article covers in detail how any charitable organisation can make its computing more eco-friendly, without going over budget.

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What are refurbished computers?

Refurbished computers are previously used computers that have been updated, upgraded and improved to make them work as good as new. They may have some slight cosmetic marks depending on the grading, but still operate efficiently and feature all of the latest updates to ensure they run smoothly.

A lot of second hand computers can actually be brand new computers that have been barely used, but as they are taken out of the box, can no longer be sold as 'new'. This means your charity organisation can get access to the latest tech for a fraction of the price.

What are the benefits of buying refurbished computers?

There are many benefits to buying refurbished computers:

Why should my charity make eco choices when buying technology equipment?

A lot of the core minerals that are used in computers are in short supply, and reusing old computer components, computer hardware and spare parts means that you are reducing the need to mine these minerals (such as cobalt which is used in lithium batteries).

The whole process of making a new computer, including mining, is extremely harmful to the environment, so recycling laptops and computers reduces the overall carbon emissions that come from new technology. Choosing a recycled computer helps to create a more sustainable environment and future for everyone. Furthermore opting for refurbished computers for your organisation is a more cost effective choice than buying new.

Repair computers rather than replace

If your old computer or laptop in your charity office is running slow or has stopped working effectively, then we suggest investigating repair options before replacement.

Taking your computer or laptop to a dedicated computer expert can give you the opportunity to extend the life of your tech, rather than replacing it with a brand new option and sending your old tech to waste. This will also save your charity money, as replacing your tech will cost far more than repairing it.

At Hardware Associates we're proud to offer an efficient and cost effective repair service for charities that includes a 12 month guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

We are also stockists of over 20,000 spare parts for Dell, HP and Apple technology, so whatever the fault with your computer or part that requires replacement, from the hard drive or to the power cable, we can help with high quality parts. This again is a far more eco-friendly way of computing, as you're reusing spare parts that may have previously gone to landfill and extending the life of perfectly good tech.

Computer recycling schemes

If your computer or laptop has come to the end of its life and it cannot be repaired, instead of sending your PC to landfill, it's time to look into recycling schemes for old tech. This will allow your old laptop or PC to be reused and recycled for spare parts, rather than thrown away and put into landfill, which can cause harmful toxins to be released into the planet, polluting water and soil.

We're proud to offer an amazing PC and laptop recycling system for charities, where we will take any redundant IT off your hands and resell it for you, donating all profits back into your charity.

  • We assess your redundant IT assets and discuss possible resale value
  • We take away the tech, remove any data safely and securely
  • Refurbish the computers or laptops and get them ready for resale
  • We sell the stock on and donate all profits back into your charity

In the event that stock can't be refurbished, we have a recycling scheme so that the tech doesn't go to waste.

Recently, we worked with the NSPCC to remove redundant IT equipment and donate the profits back to them. We were able to turn their redundant assets into a huge £18,000 donation, which went straight back to the charity to further their amazing work.

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