Apple iMacs are well known in the industry for being extremely long lasting, however, after time and much use you may come to a stage where you want to think about replacing or upgrading your iMac to a newer model.

There are a range of symptoms that you may come across when using your iMac day-to-day which indicate that it may need replacing. Such symptoms can be frustrating when they become repetitive and distract you from work or leisure time.

Take a look through our top three signs that your Apple iMac needs upgrading:

It’s running slow

One of the top signs that something is wrong in any computer or laptop is that it is running very slow. Applications continually update, increasing their memory and eventually this can start to slow down your iMac. Unfortunately there comes a point where your iMac can no longer deal with multiple Apps with large file sizes.

For a quick fix, you can look at what is on your hard drive and free up space by removing any unused or unwanted programs. However, this may not work for you if you need to use all of the applications and programs you have installed.

Essentially, you have two options; upgrade the memory or purchase a new model.

It won’t run the latest software

Apple regularly updates its software to ensure that all of its products are running optimally, there are no bugs and to improve its features and functionality. If you are using an older iMac, then there will come a time where it won’t update to the latest OS X software.

If your iMac is no longer updating, then it may be worth considering upgrading as you can find your iMac is buggy and could become susceptible to some of the latest viruses, as it isn’t protected against them.

It has parts which need replacing

Apple parts and components are notoriously expensive, so when it comes to replacing them it is worth weighing up whether it is worth it vs. getting an upgraded model. Although they can be expensive, they are known for being long lasting, so once you have replaced a part it is highly likely that you won’t have to do this again any time soon.

Here at Hardware Associates, we stock a range of genuine refurbished Apple iMac spare parts. Refurbished hardware is far cheaper than buying brand new from the manufacturer and still performs just as well and lasts just as long. Take a look at our range of Apple iMac spare parts here.

Upgrade your iMac with Hardware Associates

If you think it is time to upgrade your iMac, we can help. We stock a selection of some of the latest Apple iMacs that have been refurbished to the highest quality. Our Q20 promise ensures all of our iMacs have undergone rigorous testing, both to the hardware and software, ensuring you receive only the best quality iMac.

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