One of the main benefits of advances in technology, is portability. This creates the flexibility of being able to work on the go and at home. From small business owners to students, everyone can be more productive if they're able to work at home or on the road, between meetings and out of hours.

From leading brands such as Apple and Dell, there is an ever-growing opportunity to fold your office up, pop it in a bag and be productive with mobile working. This is achievable by investing in a range of lightweight laptops, tablets and smartphone devices.

If this sounds ideal for you or your staff, here’s everything you need to be effective working and studying on the go.

What computer technology do you need for mobile working?

More and more people are making use of ‘spare time’ at coffee shops, or in waiting rooms with their laptops. Being able to tether from a mobile device, or using free WiFi makes it simple to work on the go, as and when you can. This is helping people to meet deadlines or to be more available to clients who expect quick responses to queries.

Being remote, available and contactable on the road is easy when you have the few basic bits of equipment you need. This is no doubt integral for you and your colleagues.

There are a few essential bits of tech that can get you there, and when you choose refurbished you can save up to 40% in comparison to buying new. Buying refurbished is also far more environmentally friendly.

Essential refurbished tech for mobility

Apple MacBook Pro or tablet

With their reliability and ease of use (not to mention the stylish, lightweight and slim ergonomic designs) it’s no wonder that these are among the most popular computers for remote workers and travellers.

However, buying brand new can have a price tag of over £2000. So our range of refurbished MacBook Pro’s offer incredible value.

Headphones or headset

A versatile, essential bit of equipment. These range from bluetooth wireless hands free headsets with noise-cancelling abilities, down to the basic but reliable plug-in headsets for quick conference calls or impromptu meetings on skype and other media platforms.

Depending on the model, they allow you to focus on the work at hand and also not disturb others if you’re working on public transport.

A docking station

Turn your single USB port into a docking station of multiple USB and Display ports. Meaning you can have a variety of devices plugged in at once. Charge your phone, plug in your hard drive, add an extra monitor and connect your internet cable all at the same time.

Computer cases

The last thing a small business owner or independent worker needs is to have to pay for a broken screen or replace a lost charger. Cases and protection leave you with peace of mind about keeping your laptop or tablet (and work) safe, all together and ready to use.

The way forward is refurbished technology

We are at a time now where we are conscious of recycling our waste and looking after our planet. The technology we use doesn't have to be any different. Looking toward a more sustainable and prosperous future can go a lot further than putting your cardboard in the dry recycling.

Top quality refurbished laptops and electronics are available at a very reasonable price, making it easier to get fully equipped and out there improving your business. All whilst being mindful of our impact on the planet.

Portable technology specs

The Apple MacBook Pro 13” i5

A high-spec laptop with everything you need to complete both business and creative tasks.

This particular model includes the following:

- 13.3” screen,

- 5th generation intel core i5 processor (processing at a speed of 2.9GHz)

- 8GB memory

- 512GB hard drive.

- 2 USB ports

- Headphone jack

The Apple iPad Air 2 

A thin, lightweight tablet with big storage, long battery life, not to mention you can fit it right into a small bag.

This particular model includes the following:

- 9.7” screen

- 64 GB storage

- 8MP Isight & 1.2MP Facetime HD camera

- Up to 10 hour battery life

The Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD Triple Video Docking Station D3100

This useful device connects your laptop up to three additional monitors, a variety of external devices and to the internet with just a single cable.

New Leather IPad Case For IPad 2, 3 And 4

Keeping your equipment protected will keep you productive for longer.

The iPad case has:

- A magnetic closure strip

- Inside storage for notes

- A stand attached to the rear side

Choose Refurbished

Having a way to be always contactable is key to being able to work from home or on the road. As we know almost everywhere we go there is free wifi available so having a lightweight, small tablet or slim Macbook is a great way to ensure you can always have your office with you.

However, keeping your company or personal costs down is paramount. If you think getting yourself or your staff well equipped is costly, it doesn't have to be. Choosing refurbished products dramatically reduces expenditure and in turn opens up the opportunity for having a better equipped home office and more of a diverse range of staff by enabling people to work out of office, town or even abroad.

Call our experts today

Choose from our range of refurbished and portable tech, all of which comes with a one year warranty, and have peace of mind that you have reduced your carbon footprint, all whilst saving money that you can invest into other areas of your work.

For more information on the best equipment for your set-up and needs, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.