Computers can get a fair old beating from extensive use by the pupils at your educational establishment. If your school technology is beginning to tire, it might be time to think about replacing your old systems with some new hardware.

Finding the money for new computers can be difficult; particularly when there are so many other priorities that require schools to ring-fence funds this term, such as National Insurance and teaching pension hikes as well as pressure to find extra child places. In the face of all that, new school IT systems might be pretty far down the list.

How can you convince the school’s finance team to fund badly needed upgrades to your hardware? Below we discuss ways to pay for school computers that won’t break the bank. Here are our top 5 suggestions:

Choose refurbished monitors, desktops and laptops

New computers or monitors can cost a small fortune, so it’s definitely worth checking out refurbished hardware – by choosing a refurb you could be saving as much as 80% off an ‘as new’ equivalent. A saving of this magnitude means that you’ll be able to replace a fair number of your old school computers without having to invest too much. A result that your school’s finance team is sure to be happy with!

Bank on names that you can trust 

It’s tempting to opt for a cheap piece of school technology from a not so well known brand, but this can throw up all kinds of problems for you down the line including finding spares and sending it for repairs. The computer could also be made with cheaper parts that won’t be as durable as a more trustworthy name. We only stock refurbished computers from Dell, HP and Lenovo, names that you can rely on. And we like to think that with our thorough refurbished checklist (our Q20 promise) and our commitment to excellent service, Hardware Associates is a name that you can trust too.

Find computer kit deals 

With refurbished computers for education, it may be the case that all the elements are sold separately, so that you buy your tower, monitor, mouse and keyboard from different areas, or from different stores. To save yourself time and money choose a deal that throws everything in, for one cost-effective price – like our complete computer kit deals, where for as little as £120, you can get everything you need.

Give your existing tech a revamp

If you think that there’s still life in your hardware and it just needs a little TLC, then maybe you’d prefer to look for spare parts instead. Our new-look search function provides over 20,000 parts for Dell, HP and Lenovo systems. Have a browse, or use your product code to identify and order parts. We operate a quick service and can get them to you for the next day.

Repair old machines

Can’t work out why a school computer is out of order, but don’t want to consign it to the dustbin just yet? You can send it to us, or we’ll pick it up, as part of our computer repairs service. We’ll have a good look around ourselves, and where possible, solve the problem. If it’s a quick fix, this could potentially save your school quite a bit in having to recycle and replace unusable technology.

Your technology plans are more likely to be approved if they offer significant savings. Auditing your school’s IT estates with the mantra ‘spare, repair or refurbished’ in mind can help you to focus on what’s needed, without having to request funding that your school may not have the capacity to give.

Hardware Associates are experts in providing refurbished systems and spare computer parts for schools. To read more, see our Education section.