The schools have a tough job nowadays. They have to teach our children about stuff that may not have even been invented or developed yet, ready for when they enter the world of employment. Coding is taught in schools as part of the general curriculum now. I suspect virtual reality and 3D printing isn’t too far over the horizon either.

The National Association of Head Teachers is campaigning against further cuts in the education system. Schools are struggling to keep up with the requirement for new IT systems and tablets. I have written about this on a previous blog post, complete with lots of shocking statistics, but my thought today turns to the parents who have similar concerns over their wallets.

The schools can’t afford all the new equipment expected to be used in schools. I know of parents who have been asked to buy iPads for lessons, and I also read a similar story in The Guardian a couple of months ago. They need them in lessons as well as at home to practice their skills.

Although some parents can get assistance with buying some of this equipment, the reality is that it is a costly time for parents, especially if there is more than one child in the family.

There is a cost saving solution though. DON’T BUY NEW! It’s rarely necessary. Look for refurbished equipment such as this iPad. These items are in excellent condition, come with the latest operating systems and have warranties. It is just like buying new, but without the price tag. Chances are that you will get a much higher specification for your money too.

I would guess that soon we will be applying the same logic to Virtual Reality headsets and 3D Printing machines. Surely they are about to crop up on the curriculum in the near future?