With prices up to 80% lower than those from manufacturers' lists, grey market or refurbished servers can be an almost irresistible temptation for businesses looking to cut costs.

These servers may come from a number of sources, yet care needs to be taken as some of these may be from unofficial networks, and will come with little or no guarantee of quality.

The last survey of the grey / refurbished market from KPMG stated: "As a result of purchasing these types of products from unauthorised resellers, end customers could wind up with major data loss, business interruption, or worse."

The advice is certainly not to only buy new servers, as there is a buoyant market in refurbished equipment. Care must be taken however, to ensure that the servers that are purchased come from a legitimate source, and have the appropriate warranties and after sales services that your business will need.

Buying from a recognised supplier will give your business the security it needs to purchase the servers that are required.

Our Q20 promise demonstrates that we fully service, test and clean all our refurbished servers before sending them out to our customers. You can read all about our Q20 procedure here.

We also offer a minimum of a one year warranty on all refurbished equipment – we’re an organisation you can trust.