Bedwas High School in Wales is a secondary school for boys and girls aged 11-18. The school prides itself on setting high standards and expectations and it encourages and supports its students to achieve their very best. Indeed, the school was challenged by the Welsh Assembly Government, Caerphilly County Council and Education Achievement Service, to further its academic progress.

As one of 40 schools in ‘Challenge Cymru’, Bedwas High School is tasked with improving at a faster rate than other schools in Wales and, as a result, teachers at Bedwas have improved many of the school’s practices and afforded students new opportunities.

Our drive to enable our students to perform as best they can means it’s vital to provide the best facilities and resources that students need to excel,” said Mr Peter Ward, Headteacher at Bedwas High School. “We realise therefore that first rate technology and IT infrastructure is vital to modern day teaching but are also aware that providing such equipment comes with a cost, at a time when budgets are tighter than ever. By doing our research, however, and working with a provider like Hardware Associates where we were given sound, solid advice and offered very flexible packages, we have been able to equip our school with first class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

By working closely with Hardware Associates, Bedwas High School was able to invest in 40 refurbished Dell-OptiPlex systems. By opting for refurbished hardware systems, with up to date software, purchased via Hardware Associates and not direct from the vendor, the school saved £6,000 and were able to replace an entire suite with its budget, rather than piecemeal replacement. Now, if Bedwas needs any additional PCs or associated equipment, the staff ask Hardware Associates to guide them through the best choice for their needs at the best price.