Apple Inc is undoubtedly one of the most successful, important, and innovative companies in the world, and we’re proud to refurbish a wide range of Apple products, including iMacs, Macbook Pro and iPads.

Founded in April 1976, it’s been 42 years since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first worked together with a vision of making computers small enough for homes and offices.

To mark the occasion, we’ve created the best 21 facts about Apple you’ll find online! Do you know these Apple facts?


1. While it definitely wasn’t a joke or a trick, the company was founded on 1st April 1976 - April Fool’s Day. Lucky for some?

2. Long before millions of iPhones were on the market, in 1976 the first product released - the Apple I - was hand-built by Wozniak. The desktop computer had just 4 KB of standard memory.

3. Perhaps unusually, the Apple I was priced at $666.66 when it went on sale. A price point that has since gone unrepeated.

4. After the relative success of Apple I, Apple II launched in 1977, the company's first launch of a personal computer aimed at the consumer market. It came with a game cassette of Breakout.

5. Steve actually left the company in 1985 due to creative differences, but luckily for us returned in 1997 when he sold Apple NeXT, his own company that made the first ever web server.


6. Many people discuss the logo - an apple with a bit taken out of it - as relating to computer scientist Alan Turing. In fact, Jobs stated it was inspired by a summer job he had in an apple orchard, this was originally coloured like a rainbow but became mono-coloured in the nineties.

7. Speaking of creativity, Apple tried its hand at cameras, game consoles and even clothes in the 1980s and 1990s, but it’s always been computers and computer devices it’s excelled in.

8. Not to do anything by halves, the first TV ad for Apple’s Macintosh aired during the Super Bowl in 1984 and was directed by Ridley Scott of Alien and Blade Runner fame.

9. Since 1996, the design team has been led by Jony Ive and he owns over 5,000 patents. With Apple leading the way in iconic output, can you imagine anyone else in this role?


10. The iPod launched in 2001, and changed the world of MP3 players with its user-friendly click-wheel.

11. Incredibly popular, the iPod classic was only discontinued in 2014, 13 years after its release and in its sixth-generation of design.

12. The iTunes Music store launched in 2003 and has become a mainstream way of listening to music, radio and podcasts across all Apple devices.

13. Can you imagine life without the iPhone? It only launched in the winter of 2007 with the app store following in July 2008.

14. Since it launched, the design of the iPhone has become the basis of ‘the smartphone’ and is iconic for a generation.

15. How do they get all this done? They hire the best in their field, and in 2017 employed over 123,000 people full-time.


16. Apple went public in 1980, and you could buy shares in the company. At the time, they were valued at $22 each and if you bought 100, they would now be worth around $600,000 before dividends (according to Forbes, 2015).

17. You may see Apple and Microsoft as pure rivals, but in 1997, Microsoft’s Bill Gates saved the firm by investing $150 million at a time when they were struggling financially.

18. A fun fact that hit the press in 2014 was that Apple had twice as much cash at the US Government. Another company that also has more cash than the US Treasury? Microsoft.

19. Apple’s modern headquarters in California include a park, self-driving shuttle service, yoga facilities and solar panels. Opened in September 2017, it also launched with an on-site Apple Store.

20. 2017 was a great year for Apple - it also became the first ever company to reach a value of $800 billion. Impressive!

21. In 2018, Apple committed itself to 100% clean energy at 23 of its global facilities and announced it was looking at more ways to push ‘the boundaries of what is possible with the materials’ in its products. Clean energy not only saves resources, but save money for further investment.


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